​​​Americana Flower Brokers

Americana Flower Brokers was founded in 1992 by Jon Gomez. He saw the beauty and potential in Ecuadorian Roses and that became his passion.

​In 2013, Jon Gomez and Paul Valdospinos began a partnership and Floricola Americana Roses S.A. ​was born. Our ultimate goal is to create roses with fragrance as well as production roses that open like garden roses. We can control quality and provide a superb product for our customers.

​The cultivation process in FLORÍCOLA AMERICANA ROSES S.A. is a mix between the traditional that has been perfected over the years, and the technological advance developed especially in computerized irrigation, hydration process with the best products, as well as permanent cold chain that guarantees the preservation of the flower to its final destination.

Our commitment is to continue to innovate our company, while listening to the suggestions our customers.